Works as a full time ceramic artist and graphic designer, as well as illustrator with great desire for learning creativity in diverse fields. She specializes in functional pieces for daily use, as well as decorative sculptural work. She explores and responds to the relationship between patterns, colours and shapes, mostly based on abstract and geometric forms. With an obsession for perfecting the hand-made process, Ysabella Choung strives to create unique, high-quality and detailed-oriented craftmanship.

She received a Master’s degree in Ceramic Art from the Seoul National University of Technology in South Korea, and a diploma in Graphic Design at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Originally from Seoul, S. Korea, Ysabella Choung is now based in Port Moody BC. She then lived a few years in London, United Kingdom. There, she worked as a graphic designer and travelled around Europe to see the world and gain a better perspective in life. Then, she moved back to Canada.

Ysabella is an arts-educator and ceramicist, always looking for ways to build community. She offers lessons at her private studio and shop, Spatial Art Studio, in Port Moody. For the past ten years in this location she has been designing and facilitating ceramics classes for adult with her specialization in ceramics education. She is passionate about facilitating the creative process and sharing her love and passion of art with others.
I have always been drawn to and obsessed with detail-oriented design. The geometric shapes and patterns are everywhere in my everyday life. My interest then evolved from a flat surface to the real depth that is present in three-dimensional space.
I searched for an art form that would fulfil and speak to me. My experience in ceramic art fulfilled my creative need in three-dimensional form and tactile needs but the graphic design work gave me the attention to detail, and the paper-cut illustration added the illusion of depth created by the combination of texture/colour/patterns, all based on the basic principles of form and design.
All pieces are handmade and by its very nature a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Form and aesthetics are the founding elements in my hand-built functional ware, and for the last several years, I have committed myself to achieving a harmonious balance between function, comfort and beauty.
This style of modern elegance honours both the essence of utilitarian objects, and the idea of beauty in function. My pieces engage users to form visual and tactile experiences that are individual to them, reminding them that the pieces they are using are hand-made and unique and not part of our mass-produced world.
I am a big fan of 3-D patterned/textured surface design, not only the ceramic but also paper. I generally hand illustrate and paper-cut design motifs in colour pencil, makers and paper, before create with clay these to create exciting, abstract patterns with imagination. Working this way allows for the beautiful variation in colour schemes and the joy that colour can bring and textures to come through into the designs I create, giving them meaning and that personal touch.