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Hand Building Courses

 $195+GST for a block of 4 lessons | $360+GST for a block of 8 lessons  

To comply with physical distance recommendations we are hosting only private lessons and only one lesson will be running in the studio at a time.

SPATIAL Art Studio/Shop creates a fun, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere to spark your creativity! Attention is given to the functional pieces as well as the decorative aspects of pottery; students are self-directed with more one-on-one instruction.

Prices of all lessons include basic tools and glazes as well as the firing of your creations. 

The 4-week lesson covers the press molding techniques. This method refers to the process in which clay is forced into a mold in order to take on a certain shape. Press molds work great for beginners - from bowls to plates to tiles. Using this method, you can also create pottery shapes that would be difficult to throw on the wheel. 

The 8-week lesson additionally covers the fundamentals of hand-building techniques, starting with pinching, coiling, slab building, surface decoration and including glazing to complete your pieces. This class teaches techniques to make items of your choosing, so feel free to bring plenty of inspiration! 

• All of our lessons are private.
• Once a week for 2.5 hours each.
• Runs for four or eight weeks - the lesson will run for three or seven weeks consecutively, and will break for 2 to 3 weeks to allow time for drying and first firing. Then, on the fourth and eighth week, you will come and glaze.
• Lesson schedules are somewhat flexible; please let us know ahead of time if you think you need to temporarily change lesson times.
• Clay sold separately.

Clay is fascinating and it will lend itself to your skill level, whatever it may be. Creating art pieces with clay is very therapeutic and exciting. There is always more to explore and try out. However, be prepared to be patient when you enter the world of pottery; learning pottery takes time and effort. Learning and practicing techniques are long term commitments and one needs to put a lot of effort to plan ahead. 

Please make sure you can commit to the entire lesson sequence at the time of purchasing. Refunds are only given if the student cancels more than 7 days ahead of the first class. No refunds are given after this point without a medical note. There is a $50 administration fee for all cancellations.

Please read the studio’s COVID-19 Safety Plan before purchasing.

Email us at with any questions.

Updates regarding COVID-19:

We are following social distancing guidelines and sanitizing protocols. 

= Please do not attend class if you have any cold or flu symptoms (here is a link to the BC Self-Assessment tool)
= Please do not attend class if you have travelled outside of BC in the last 14 days
= Each person who enters the studio will be asked to wash their hands with soap before touching anything in the studio
= This class will have a maximum of 2 students
= Common surfaces in the studio are being sanitized by staff several times per day
= We will be rearranging the studio furniture and equipment so that we can be physically distanced from one another
= Face masks are required in the studio; please provide your own
= Please try to bring as few of your personal belongings into the studio as possible
= While it is inevitable that we will be closer than 6 feet when we briefly pass each other while navigating the studio, please do not linger closer than 6 feet to another person
= Please bring your own apron, a water spray bottle, a small towel for drying your hands
= Unfortunately, we do not have space for students to practice on Saturdays because of our new studio capacity; we apologize for the inconvenience.
= Please be aware that people may drop by to look around our retail area. We try ensure physical distancing for all, and we will only allow a limited amount of people in the studio at any given time.
= Please notify staff if you have any concerns or suggestions; we want you to feel as safe as possible at the studio