Classes 2022

All lessons & workshops are private. We are specialized in hand-building techniques for beginners and intermediate students. Everyone will be encouraged to explore and develop their own style
to create decorative, functional and sculptural pieces.

JAN-MAR (Full)

$350.00 CAD

beginners lessons (8weeks)BEGINNERS (8 weeks)
JAN-MAR (Full)

$385.00 CAD

BEGINNERS (4 weeks)
JAN-MAR (Full)

$250.00 CAD

JAN-MAR (Full)

$90.00 CAD

$190.00 CAD

$160.00 CAD

Updates regarding COVID-19:

We are following social distancing guidelines and sanitizing protocols. 

= Please do not attend class if you have any cold or flu symptoms (here is a link to the BC Self-Assessment tool)
= Please do not attend class if you have travelled outside of BC in the last 14 days
= Each person who enters the studio will be asked to wash their hands with soap before touching anything in the studio
= This class will have a maximum of 2 students
= Common surfaces in the studio are being sanitized by staff several times per day
= We will be rearranging the studio furniture and equipment so that we can be physically distanced from one another
= Face masks are required in the studio; please provide your own
= Please try to bring as few of your personal belongings into the studio as possible
= While it is inevitable that we will be closer than 6 feet when we briefly pass each other while navigating the studio, please do not linger closer than 6 feet to another person
= Please bring your own apron, a water spray bottle, a small towel for drying your hands
= Unfortunately, we do not have space for students to practice on Saturdays because of our new studio capacity; we apologize for the inconvenience.
= Please be aware that people may drop by to look around our retail area. We try ensure physical distancing for all, and we will only allow a limited amount of people in the studio at any given time.
= Please notify staff if you have any concerns or suggestions; we want you to feel as safe as possible at the studio